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There are basically two kinds of email newsletter template: plain text and HTML. Each format has its own advantages and disadvantages so a publisher’s choice of one over the other needs to be carefully thought through. It’s the circumstances under which they operate, and the outcome they want, that will determine which they choose in the end.
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Plain Text Or HTML?

Email Newsletter Templates
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Plain text email newsletter templates are produced using ASCII, which is the in-built protocol that all computers use to interpret any keyboard input and is most often seen in Notepad (or any other text editor) or when using an email client with HTML switched off. ASCII output cannot be formatted, hence the term ‘plain text’.

HTML templates, on the other hand, use the language of the World Wide Web to interpret the author’s keyboard input and therefore can be formatted in any number of ways, such as by using different fonts, different styles and by including graphics, tables, hyperlinks and so on.

I don’t know what the comparative usage statistics are for each but there are pros and cons, as there are with most things, that can help you decide which is most appropriate for you. This section offers a small number to choose from, complete with thumbnail descriptions.

Plain Text Email Newsletter Templates

This type tend to be hard to come by but the best that we know of are the ClipCopy Content Solutions own plain text email newsletter templates. These are monthly plain text newsletters or ezines that are already populated with balanced copy such as articles, anecdotes, jokes etc. They are also seasonally correct, which means that the December editions celebrate Christmas, February centers around St Valentine and so on. Permission is granted to add to or replace the copy already included and there are very few restrictions on usage. They cover a three year period.

HTML Email Newsletter Templates

There are a lot of HTML email newsletter templates available on the Internet, ranging from simple inexpensive ones up to the ‘hi-tech’ snazzy types that can sometimes be somewhat costly. The main one on offer at ClipCopy Content Solutions is called Ultimate Newsletter Templates; an excellent example of the less expensive variety whilst at the same time offering professional quality graphics. The alternative to this offering is the Ezine Machine, which is an HTML ezine editor program that includes a set of templates.


Email newsletter templates might not be the most exciting or sexy applications to discuss in relation to email marketing but they can be very important to the eventual success of your email marketing campaigns. Consistency is the key here and my advice is not to underestimate it.

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